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The Flemish Ardennes is especially known by cyclists who watch out for an annually recurring weekend in the spring: the bicycle competition 'The Rounds of Flanders” www.rvv.be.

Horenbecca is situated in the middle of the ancient village of Saint-Mary Horebeke. Horebeke is a cozy village, which is ideal for making wonderful hiking or biking trips. Those who seek solitude and relaxation as well as those that are active athletes will feel right at home at www.devlaamseardennen.eu

www.devlaamseardennen.eu. You can find easily things to do in the area.

What to do? We suggest a few interesting links of nice places to visit in the neighborhood in case it might rain in the Flemish Ardennes: Visit our bicycle museum www.crvv.org For information about an archeological museum, please visit www.ename974.org. When the weather is good, the following links are useful: www.kluisbos.be and www.degavers.be

From here, you can go on day trips to artistic cities such as Ghent, www.gent.be , Oudenaarde www.oudenaarde.be , Bruges www.brugge.be or Brussels www.brussels.be .The coast also has wonderful places to go to on a day trip: www.knokke.be or www.dehaan.be Enjoy biking with this fietsnet routeplanner

Belgium…the best kept secret in Europe! Try to name one country that has so many different faces. Where in the world can you find many different landscapes, people, historical events, and art treasures all in such a small area? Belgium, situated between the hub cities of Amsterdam and Paris, offers the ideal mix to discover Europe.

Belgium is honored by people who have learned, sometimes the hard way, which ‘no-one is an island in its one’, and whose talent for languages is unique in the world. Belgium is a jovial, hospitable, and remarkably accessible country. Everybody who loves to travel, enjoys sightseeing, history, and a good restaurant, can go from the exuberant city of Ghent www.gent.be to the rural city of Horebeke in the Flemish Ardennes www.vlaamse-ardennen.be. During your trip, you can go on a boat trip in Bruges www.brugge.be or visit the heart rendering battle sites and the war museum in Ieper www.inflandersfields.be.

The Flemish Ardennes is a place with amazing impressions. Here, you won’t find churches that reach into heaven like in Barcelona. You should not look for monumental constructions such as the Eiffel tower in Paris. No. Belgium, and especially the Flemish Ardennes, are small, charming, and beautiful.

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